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Cassie Lynn Belben Figueroa Uphoff

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Description: Medical biller/coder at Renal Consultants Medical Group in Valencia, California Born 2/23/1984 Home address 24001 Arroyo Park Drive Unit 80 Santa Clarita, CA 91355 Still married to (and consistently cheating on) Joe Uphoff Lying alcoholic slut who stole money from her own daughter to buy booze. Will fuck anyone. And I mean ANYONE. Online aliases: missmisfit108, prettyinink47, cassiercmg, cassiedtasc, Cass Black, Cash Blackwell, Emma Jean River, clikesithot, bck_tht_cass_up, _jurassicparka_, miss.sass.cass, urban_angel, carnivallush 100% slut, through and through; she has been known to fuck several guys, known of whom she has no longer than it takes to fuck them all, in a single night.
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