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Cam Whore Yana Chala Odessa Ukraine

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Description: Real name Yana Chala in Odessa Ukraine is a Craft Party Bar BITCH among other things. If she has you fooled thinking she is poor girl, a good college girl taking care of her sick grandmother then think again. She is just another filthy drunk SLUT that bar hops goes to nightclubs and sucks random guys cocks in the bathroom. So realize the truth and move on or go to have her suck your cock too at the Craft Party Bar in Odessa Ukraine: Address is Улица Греческая, 35, 65000 Odessa, Ukraine. Worse then just another club or bar slut she also strips and masturbates performing sex acts on herself for money also known as being a WHORE a PROSTITUTE on Her current room is but she has had two rooms before and the stupid dirty bitch was banned from both of those already Karen_lv and Karen_lt. In addition to being a cam whore Yana Chala also studies to be Geographer at Odessa National University in Odessa Ukraine contact her Dean Prof. Evgeniy A. Cherkez at to ask what the Universities policy is on their students working illegally in the pornography industry as deemed by Ukrainian law. Contact her brother Andriy Kanster for free pics and videos on Instagram andrey_kantser. Contact Yana Chala for free pics and videos; by email, Follow Yana Chala on Instagram yann_1222,Friend Yana Chala on