Darling Ep.3 | Anime Sex

Jun Kitano and his wife, Miyuki, have been working furiously to keep his dick hard and his pencils sharp as he draws the best porn manga collection of the century. His deadline is quickly approaching, so Miyuki dresses up in a catgirl costume to give Jun the idea for his next story: a sexy catgirl who uses her pussy muscles of steel to trap the cock of a masked prowler who's been terrorizing the city. With five days to go, Jun's worried he's all out of ideas, until he overhears his editor, Sonoko Mifuji, telling his wife about her high school crush on a female teacher... and catches the women scissoring in the bathroom! Sonoko dresses up as a sexy teacher and Miyuki puts on a schoolgirl uniform, and both babes suck his cock as Jun brings to life a hot student-teacher threesome scene!